Nazmaran Consultant Engineers

About us

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Nazmaran Consulting Engineers Company has been providing its services and products in various fields, including consulting and providing software solutions, customer order systems, Qlickview business intelligence, business intelligence, since 1997 It has provided competitive intelligence, management dashboards, data mining, data warehousing and performance evaluation. The shares of this company are 100% private and were registered in 1376. This company was created with the aim of developing software-based activities and solutions in information systems.
Licensed by the Higher Informatics Council of the Planning and Ranking Management Organization in data processing companies Rank 3 in customer order software and rank 4 in ready-made software Licensed by the Computer Trade Union Organization of the country With a track record of providing products and services for more than 150 customers inside the country.


  • Building customer trust by increasing service quality
  • Effective presence in the market and achieving an acceptable share of the market
  • Continuously increasing the quality in the production of products and providing services to customers
  • Benefiting from specialized human resources and increasing their level of awareness and knowledge and maintaining their dignity and values as the main capital of the company.
  • Validation of projects and products through planning, management and cost reduction
    Recruiting and growing specialized forces in the company through training and R&D
  • Crediting projects through planning, management and cost reduction
  • Benefiting from new solutions and new technologies in providing services to customers

Main activities

  • Consulting and providing business intelligence solutions and data analysis
  • Designing, creating and deploying customer order systems
  • Performance evaluation consulting and development and improvement of business processes


Becoming one of the reliable consulting and implementation companies that provides professional services in the field of IT to customers with effective presence in the market using internal expertise and the experiences of experts from other countries.

We intend to gain the trust and confidence of our customers by providing excellent quality in fulfilling their needs.

Our mission
Consulting, designing, implementing and deploying solutions based on software and information technology in organizations, companies and economic enterprises and providing services in IT fields with a focus on customer needs.

Our Customers

Nazmaran Company has the honor of providing services to more than 100 customers, including ministries, organizations, banks, and public and private companies, which makes us determined to provide better and more worthy services to our customers.