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QlikView, a powerful business intelligence software, is developed by Qlik Tech, a company that was founded in Sweden in 1993. With its main office located in Pennsylvania, USA. Qlik Tech has established itself as a leading provider in the industry.

Since 2005, Qlik Tech has been listed on the NASDAQ index of the American stock exchange, solidifying its position as a significant player in the market. It has consistently demonstrated impressive growth in its stocks, ranking among the top 25 companies in the United States in terms of stock performance. Qlik Tech’s reputation and success have attracted major corporations such as Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi, who have chosen to utilize the company’s business intelligence products to enhance their operations and decision-making processes.


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What is QlikView

In the past, the process of creating dashboards and analyzing data for decision-making within organizations used to be a time-consuming endeavor, taking months to complete. However, with the introduction of QlikView, this laborious task can now be accomplished within minutes. It is a cutting-edge business intelligence platform that empowers businesses and technical users to transform raw data into valuable insights. By eliminating data restrictions, this software enables users to efficiently isolate and analyze their data, facilitating informed decision-making regarding organizational issues.

It serves as a comprehensive software solution, capable of seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources. Once loaded into the program, the data is intelligently presented in a user-friendly format, making it easier to comprehend and work with. The software’s simple and flexible nature ensures that end-users within the organization can quickly adapt to and utilize it effectively. With QlikView, users gain the ability to harness the power of data and acquire the necessary knowledge to make informed and impactful decisions in a timely manner.

Experience the power of QlikView, a high-performance Business Intelligence solution that enables swift loading and utilization of vast amounts of data. With QlikView, you can effortlessly analyze your organizational information and data, aligning them with your specific criteria and indicators. This empowers you to make precise and informed decisions whenever needed.

Renowned as one of the top business intelligence software worldwide, QlikView has earned its reputation as a market leader according to prestigious technology research institute, Gartner. Discover why QlikView stands out as the preferred choice for businesses seeking unparalleled insights and analytics.

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Advantages of QlikView

QlikView is a comprehensive and flexible business intelligence solution that empowers organizations with exclusive technology to gain deep insights into their data. Through real-time information discovery and advanced calculations, It enables accurate and actionable insights into organizational facts.

Unleash the Power of Insights: QlikView excels in delivering in-depth analyses and reports, providing an unrivaled level of mission-critical insights. With daily updates from data sources, it empowers users to interact with their data like a trusted consultant.

Seamless Implementation and User-Friendliness:
As a complete set of business intelligence software, QlikView offers a hassle-free installation experience and boasts an intuitive learning curve. Its user-friendly interface allows users to leverage its capabilities without technical complexities.

Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs:
With its integrated architecture, QlikView caters to diverse analysis, information, and reporting requirements of organizations across industries. Its unique and patented technology ensures unrestricted access to sensitive information within the operating systems.

Scalable for Any Organization:
Irrespective of the size or structure of your organization, QlikView can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Its adaptability makes it a suitable choice for organizations of all scales.

A Global Phenomenon:
This program has revolutionized the software industry, particularly in the realm of business intelligence tools. It is trusted by over 15,000 customers across 100 countries, with a user base of 457,000 individuals. Notably, QlikView delivers programs that are four times faster to design and install, cost half as much as comparable software, and generate twice the added value for organizations.

Embrace and unlock the true potential of your data-driven decision-making process.

Qlikview business analysis platform

QlikView is a bridge between traditional business intelligence and independent application programs. It unlocks new achievements and methods.

Powerful and Versatile: QlikView works with all data sources, offering a wide range of business intelligence capabilities.

Clear and User-Friendly: Its simple and intuitive user interface provides a fresh horizon of analysis, free from complexity.

Embrace Innovation: QlikView empowers users to create new methods and achieve remarkable  outcomes.

Future-Ready: Stay ahead with QlikView’s advanced features and compatibility with diverse data sources.

Experience QlikView and revolutionize your business analysis.

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Access Your Analytical Information Anywhere, Anytime

With QlikView, you can effortlessly access your analytical information using mobile electronic devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. This means you have the flexibility to retrieve information from anywhere, at any time.
It enables dynamic and interactive data analysis on the go. You don’t have to be confined to your computer; instead, you can explore and analyze your data using your mobile devices.

No matter where you are, QlikView ensures you stay connected to your valuable information. With the convenience of mobile access, you can make informed decisions and drive productivity without being tied to your desk.

Speed ​​in installation, easy learning, ease of use

QlikView software is designed for simplicity and efficiency, requiring minimal training for users. In fact, in many cases, no training is needed at all. With this, users can start using generated applications within minutes.

Once users discover the features and benefits of QlikView, they become reliant on its capabilities. It becomes an indispensable tool for their work. Users appreciate software that doesn’t consume excessive time for learning and usage. Unlike other business intelligence tools, QlikView takes users to an environment free from complexity. It guides users through an intuitive interface, eliminating any hurdles that might impede their productivity.

Experience the power of QlikView, where usability and efficiency go hand in hand. Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions and welcome a seamless and user-friendly solution for your business intelligence needs.

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Collection and integration of data for analysis

QlikView’s advanced RAM-based technology empowers seamless data collection, consolidation, and harmonization from any source. Whether you rely on SAP, Salesforce, or other enterprise applications, or store data in formats like Excel, XML, or CVS, or utilize databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL, rest assured that QlikView offers comprehensive coverage.

No matter if you have a data warehouse in place, QlikView effortlessly integrates with it, enhancing your analytical capabilities without complications. It ensures a unified view of your data, enabling comprehensive analysis and empowering informed decision-making.

Experience the versatility of QlikView’s exclusive technology, which efficiently handles data from various sources. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and data silos. QlikView harmonizes your data, providing a holistic view and unlocking its true potential.

Access, Combine, and Classify Information with Ease

QlikView software offers unparalleled capabilities when it comes to accessing, combining, and classifying information across various formats. It supports standard relational data, text files, Excel files, XML and HTML formats, and facilitates seamless connections between different data sources, a unique feature not found in any other program.

QlikView effortlessly adapts to your organization’s information structure, eliminating the need to modify your existing data sources. Whether your information resides in data warehouses, operating systems, Excel or text files, or relational databases like Access, QlikView provides seamless accessibility.

QlikView simplifies the access and analysis of data from popular programs such as SAP. With dedicated interfaces, extracting insights from these sources becomes even more convenient. Unlock the potential of your organization’s information,  Access, combine, and classify data effortlessly, regardless of its format or source and it adapts to your needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient data analysis process.

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Quick Implementation, Unlimited Possibilities

QlikView software has been swiftly installed and deployed by thousands of our satisfied customers in just a few days. With QlikView, you can design, implement, and utilize analysis or reporting programs within a matter of hours. Additionally, making changes to the program is seamless and cost-effective, taking only a few hours to apply. It offers limitless data fields and reporting dimensions. You can leverage all the information items available in your data sources for your reports and analyses without the need for specialized experts. This empowers organizational users to work efficiently, delivering enhanced productivity and maximizing your organization’s return on investment (ROI).

Experience Efficiency and High ROI:
QlikView’s user-friendly interface and quick implementation result in satisfied users and improved organizational efficiency. By utilizing QlikView, you can expect higher returns on all your organization’s investments.

Designed with In-Memory technology

The powerful engine underlying QlikView’s continuous search forms the in-memory architecture of QlikView’s advanced technology. It also solves the technical problems related to old business intelligence tools that are slow, disk-based and query-based, and will provide the user with something beyond static and limited data. With just a few clicks, QlikView reads all your data from memory and provides the possibility of immediate analysis with fast and continuous search.

Powerful security system

QlikView is designed to protect your organization’s sensitive information and analytical information. QlikView supports security standards and is specially designed to protect billions of organizational data and tens of thousands of users. QlikView’s advanced and manageable security console enables you to determine which users can view which analytics, data and results. You can also enforce your own group, individual, and task-based user policies, from individual information to granular, row, and amount restrictions.

Continuous search

QlikView continuous search capability is its next advantage. You can continue to search for the terms you want. With the difference that, like the possibility of quick search in google, QlikView’s continuous search is also able to quickly find results as you type. The direct user interface of this software highlights and specifies the important connections in your information.

Different versions of QlikView

  • QlikView Developer: Complete Design and Implementation Tool

QlikView Developer is the ultimate tool for designing and implementing report analysis applications. It enables designers to gather information from various sources and consolidate it into a single program, streamlining the data retrieval process.

  • QlikView Server: Efficient User Management

With QlikView Server, users can simultaneously connect and utilize existing applications. It ensures timely data updates according to schedules, allowing users to access reports based on the latest information. QlikView Server also offers robust security and access level management, with additional security details available in the Publisher version.

  • QlikView Viewer: Access for Regular Users

QlikView Viewer enables regular users to access and utilize programs hosted on QlikView Server. It can be installed as a web browser format, Java program with an ActiveX plug-in, or a Windows program, providing flexible access options.

The most recent version of Qlik software is SR4, November Edition 12.2, offering the latest enhancements and features to enhance your analytical capabilities.