Keshavarzi Bank

Introducing the employer

Agricultural Bank is one of the specialized banks of the country and approved by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose mission is to support the agricultural sector and its sub-sectors. Keshavarzi Bank was established on the 21st of June 1312. This bank is currently serving all people across the country with the support of eighty-three years of service experience as a leading bank in the field of providing banking services. In some periods of time, the name of the bank has undergone changes, and at some times its charter and missions are also in line with the financing of the agricultural sector and its sub-sectors as one of the sub-sectors that have an impact on the country’s economy and the engine of production that leads to economic growth. Changed or completed. In order to maintain self-reliance since the early 70s, this bank has tried to use the resources available in commercial centers for the benefit of the development of the agricultural sector by effectively being present in the monetary and financial centers of the country and developing the services of its urban branches. Agricultural Bank currently has 1914 branches, of which 1153 branches in rural and agricultural areas provide specialized services in the agricultural sector, and 761 branches are engaged in providing commercial services in cities, and 36 branches provide foreign exchange and international services.

project subject

– Selling, training and deploying the BI platform in the form of QlikView software in the Agricultural Bank

– Implementation of the control system of facilities, deposits, credits