Data science and artificial intelligence

هوش کسب و کار,ابزارهای هوش کسب و کار,مقالات هوش کسب و کار,هوش کسب و کار چیست


In today’s competitive world, every business always seeks to make decisions and provide solutions that can not only guarantee its survival, but also seek to increase its profitability.
Rapid changes in business environments encourage their owners to use strategies to gain a deep understanding of business conditions and critical factors of change. With the increasing growth of technologies and knowledge based Artificial intelligence Data science specialists prepare data-based digital models by examining business data and its variables and implement them using artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning and record the results.

Artificial intelligence technology with computing capabilities can analyze data on a scale far beyond what is within human capabilities and discover hidden patterns that have been overlooked by humans. By using this technology, it is possible to accurately and accurately predict future trends by analyzing a large amount of data so that organizations can make optimal and quick decisions. These optimal decisions lead to reducing the risk and cost and time of providing products and services and more profitability.

Nezm Aran Consulting Engineers Company, with its quarter-century experience in the field of data and familiarity with data-driven processes and decisions, and benefiting from its many years of experience, provides services and solutions based on artificial intelligence and data-driven learning, based on the needs and priorities of organizations and offers businesses.


Modeling based on artificial intelligence determines the conditions of business variables and parameters with a high reliability and supports business managers in analysis and decision making. Leading organizations in the use of these models will maintain the leadership of the market and have the necessary flexibility in various conditions based on the predictions and results of these models.

Regardless of the volume of data and the size of companies and organizations, based on its 20 years of experience and the use of expert experts and modern technologies, Nazem Aran provides data science services, including the investigation and discovery of knowledge hidden in it, using models based on artificial intelligence.
Many frauds and operational errors in the fields of banking and insurance business are discovered and prevented by modeling and using machine learning.

The valuable experience of Nezm Aran Consulting Engineers in using technologies to use artificial intelligence methods to solve problems will be available to customers. The company’s specialized team, including experts in artificial intelligence, data science and software technologists, will solve many unsolved problems for customers to advance modeling projects based on artificial intelligence alongside the customer’s business experts.

Service delivery method

  • Projecting the issue on behalf of the client and preliminary review and presentation of methods and solutions by the company
  • Preparation of road map and proof of method (Proof of Concept) by the company
  • Modeling and running the model, learning the model and reducing errors, and delivering the model to the client in the form of an API or another software method
  • Implementation of the model by the customer, feedback to the company and improvement of the model until the result is acceptable to the customer

To use these services, contact the company (service sales department).

Some of the activities and experiences of Nezm Aran Consulting Engineers in providing services in this sector are as follows:

Knowing the customer

Due to the increase of similar businesses, it is necessary to know the customer properly to increase their satisfaction and make them loyal. With the solutions and services provided by the company in this field, your business can:

• Get to know your customer more deeply.
• Have a deeper understanding of customer needs.
• Provide the right product and service to its customers at the right time.
• Analyze opinions and gain awareness of customers’ feelings towards your company’s brand.

Banking and insurance institutions

The industry that keeps a large amount of data in its heart is the financial industry. Banks and insurances have actually put a treasure in themselves due to having so much data. Nezm Aran Consulting Engineers Company offers a wide range of services that help your business, not only providing valuable insight for Modify and increase organizational productivity and improve your performance, but it also provides you with new income opportunities.
• Authentication
• Processes to detect fraud and combat money laundering and suspicious transactions
• Analysis of credit systems
• Product classification and management
• ….

Human resources field

For its success, every organization needs human resources to accompany the company on the path of growth. In fact, one of the most valuable assets of any company is human resources. One of the solutions based on artificial intelligence that is provided in the Aran system is to increase the performance of the organization by improving the processes of organizational resources from the selection to the evaluation of the human resources of each company.
• Selection and recruitment of suitable people for the organization
• Smart evaluations of employees
• Increasing automation and automation of activities, which improves the efficiency and performance of employees