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The role of information technology in the organization - transformation or improvement

The importance of the role of information technology (IT) in redefining processes is very important. But how managers look at the role of IT in the organization’s processes is more important. Today, if an organization fails to change its view on IT, it will result in the failure of re-engineering in its career. Some consider information technology to be equivalent to automation, so they first seek to know the problem and then find the necessary technological solution for it. However, IT plays a prominent and key role in the re-engineering of organizations, and unfortunately, this role is easily misdefined. Perhaps the incorrect use of this technology in their work will fuel the spread of the old thoughts and behaviors of the organization and increase the problems.
Recognizing the power hidden in information technology and its application in organizations requires a special transformational way of thinking that the business world’s employees are not familiar with or avoid. Managers use more objective thinking in order to solve problems. That is, first the problem is defined and then one or more solutions are found for it. It is simplistic to use IT to improve professional operations in the organization. The use of IT in reengineering thinking requires deductive thinking. That is, first we know a factor and a basic solution, and then we look for problems that can be solved fundamentally with that force. In other words, technology should not be seen through the lens of the current state of the process and ask, “How can this technology be used to improve what we are doing now?”
“But we have to say “How can we use this technology to create what we cannot do today”. Finally, it is emphasized that the power of information technology is not in improving the existing process, but this power empowers the organization to break old regulations and create new ways to do work, and this is the concept of using IT in re-engineering the organization.

With two decades of experience in the field of BPR re-engineering, using the enabling factor of IT in processes and its role in the transformation of organizations, Nazem Aran Consulting Engineers introduces this part of its services. Contact us for more information.

BPR open engineering business processes

Business Process Reengineering is used in organizations with the aim of significantly improving the business processes of companies for customers and reducing and eliminating operational costs to reach the level of a world-class company. Process Reengineering (BPR) helps organizations to create significant transformation by restructuring organizations based on focusing on business processes. NazmAran Consulting Engineers has implemented various projects by using BPR methodology (indigenized in the country), while examining the business processes of organizations using IT empowerment in business processes.

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