Iran Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company

Introducing the employer

Iran’s National Oil Products Distribution Company was established in 1307 (1928 AD) and has been active in supplying and distributing oil products in the country for more than 80 years. This company is responsible for managing the supply and monitoring the daily distribution of more than 240 million liters of petroleum products throughout the country.</br>

In terms of organizational structure, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company has 9 managements (human resources, financial affairs, commerce, export and import, planning, supply and distribution, intelligent fuel system, operations, engineering and plans, and management of the construction of stations CNG) and 9 immediate units (health, safety and environment, legal affairs, technical inspection, research and development, security, internal audit, public relations, tenders commission, off-grid supply prevention department and combating oil product smuggling ) Is.

project subject

Installation and operation of business intelligence platform with Clickview software