Rail transportation industry solutions

Urban transportation systems

This company is proud to have the task of designing, implementing and deploying the management information systems of this industry since the beginning of the metro in Tehran. 15 years of experience in metro processes and operations in the development and operation of urban metro lines, along with other consultants and contractors and personnel of the metro company, has trained experts and experienced consultants that this company uses as its specialized capital. Currently, more than 40 integrated software systems have been launched and are being operated in Metro Company. The database of this comprehensive integrated system has 3000 tables and hundreds of processes, which shows the amount of work done. Some of the titles of the metro companies’ master plan systems are mentioned below. The existing experience is a capital that can be used by other metro companies in the country.

Line operation systems and station and vehicle and rail affairs

  • Movement and dispatch (leaders)
  • Train delays
  • passenger transfer
  • Failure notification
  • accidents
  • Ticket sales
  • Commercial premises

Metro HR systems

  • personnel, orders and organizational units
  • Education
  • Evaluation of personnel and organization performance
  • presence and absence
  • salary
  • Certificates
  • welfare
  • Physical Education
  • Occupational health
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Uniforms and personal equipment
  • Supplementary insurance

Comprehensive maintenance and repair systems

  • Engineering
  • Activity planning and control
  • executive
  • quality guarantee
  • Planning and control of spare parts
  • financial net

Support systems

  • Do you have an office?
  • Receive and pay
  • Property and fixed assets
  • Accounting Stock
  • Accounting of contractors
  • Deduction of installments
  • Budget control
  • bills


  • contracts
  • Guarantees

Public Service

  • money engine
  • Computer support
  • Open your eyes

Security systems

  • Personnel protection
  • physical protection
  • Physical birth certificate
  • Personnel traffic
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Customer traffic
  • Found objects

Other systems

  • Board approvals
  • acquisition
  • legal claims
  • Meetings of managers