Soon, job interviews will be held in virtual reality

Soon, job interviews will be held in virtual reality

Job interviews can be annoying, but what about virtual reality job interviews? The truth is that conducting job interviews becomes a nightmare for many people, while the event can be an opportunity to shine for others. In any case, you are usually interviewed by other human beings; After entering a scary office, there you will see one or more grumpy bosses behind the desk or have to interview through nerve-wracking internet calls.

Now we live in a time when interviews with artificial intelligence have become possible. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies, you may soon be having job interviews in virtual reality; That too for a job you really like.

Earlier this year, students at Sandwell College in West Bromwich used virtual reality headsets to conduct interviews with artificial intelligence. They made interesting avatars for these job interviews in virtual reality; Their avatars were like an animation that had a 3D and fantasy representation of themselves. With the help of this avatar, they interviewed the representative of the artificial intelligence software system, which was displayed by another speaking avatar.

The image below is an example of a job interview environment in virtual reality where the user interviews with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence here, in addition to virtual reality technology, also uses natural language processing, speech processing and machine learning technologies.

Interviewing with artificial intelligence becomes possible in virtual reality

Ahmed, an engineering student, says: “I have never had an interview in my life. “But here, because no one was judging me and everything was online, I could actually express myself in peace.”

And at the end of the AI ​​interview process, that “virtual reality interviewer” told me what I did wrong and what I did right. These virtual reality job interviews really helped me to know what to do and what not to do in my next interview.”

Soon, job interviews will be held in virtual reality

این سیستم مصاحبه‌های کاری در واقعیت مجازی که دانش‌آموزان استفاده می‌کردند، توسط شرکت لندنی Bodyswaps ساخته ‌شده ‌است.

In an artificial intelligence interview, the questions and requests asked of interviewees range from the simplest (tell about your greatest achievements) to the most challenging (would you rather be loved or feared).

Job interviews in virtual reality

The user then receives feedback, not just on what they said, but on how they said it and whether they made eye contact with the interviewer’s avatar; He even receives feedback on his posture and body language.

Job interview practice with the help of artificial intelligence

Christoph Mallet, CEO of Bodyswaps, says: “The idea is that people can practice job interviews with AI simulations until they feel ready for a real interview.”

He believes that this technology of job interviews in virtual reality gives more chances to weak people; Because they may not have the experience of a job interview in a professional environment, and here they practice a job interview with the help of artificial intelligence.
Job interview practice with the help of artificial intelligence

Things like communication, empathy, and leadership are the keys to success in job interviews, but how do you practice them? If you have money, you can hire a trainer, or else you can use digital training, such as video tutorials. xOf course, these trainings will not have much effect anyway, because they do not give you real experience and do not inform you about the life of the event.

Of course, there is no need to worry anymore, because by practicing job interviews in virtual reality, you will gain experience and real life, and you can practice job interviews as much as you want with the help of artificial intelligence.