Human resources dashboard

Human resources dashboard

A dashboard for workforce management

Human resources dashboard and its analysis, in order to correctly determine employees, with related skills, for the right job at the right time, and this issue will have a tremendous impact on the performance of human resources in the business. Through the management dashboard of human resources and its analysis and finally better management of the workforce, the resources of the organization can be directed towards greater productivity and profitability.

With an HR management dashboard, users can monitor workforce productivity trends, evaluate training and learning delivery, and improve employee relations, all while reducing costs and optimizing performance. With the help of advanced tools and features available in the dashboard, data analysis and visualization provides a complete view of workforce activities, and the organization is able to analyze and respond quickly with better and more informed business development decisions. will pay.

A complete view of the workforce in one place

Workforce information is distributed and expanded in all information systems and sources and in many places. Human resources dashboard creates a comprehensive view of all human resources, in real time or in time intervals, training courses, employee performance and retirements, etc. in an interactive program. HR dashboard users can analyze the organization’s indicators so that the organization’s strategic priorities, which are constantly changing, can be analyzed and profitability measured. The HR dashboard tells a different story than before about the business and the stored data and enables you to create more and more accurate insights to understand the differences and strengths of business partners and managers of different levels of the organization.

Strategic development and succession

In Clickview, not only human resource managers are able to analyze human resources and labor productivity and optimization, but also users can actively manage operational productivity through strategic development and leadership succession. Through the dynamic dashboard, users can follow the training around the clock and evaluate the performance of the training according to the courses. In addition, with the human resources management dashboard, the ability to monitor KPIs, such as turnover and retirement, replacement of managers, etc., and generally maximizes its impact on all lines of business.

Improving employee relations

Human resources units are generally faced with a large amount of documentation and presentation of performance reports. With click view, the processes are automatic. With this solution, managers can improve employee relations, manage appointments, and comply with regulations. The human resources unit can easily implement the required changes through documents to identify chats and stay up-to-date, and as a result, the highest cooperation between employees and assigned tasks and better decision-making and solving business problems related to the workforce. It is work.

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