What is big data and what is its use?

What is big data and what is its use?

هوش کسب و کار,ابزارهای هوش کسب و کار,مقالات هوش کسب و کار,هوش کسب و کار چیست

Big data (big data/massive data) is a term in the field of information technology that is used to describe a large volume of structured and unstructured information and is used for various analyzes and intelligent decisions to improve the business of companies and organizations. is used


Big Data

Big Data Application Course Catalog

Big Data is being generated all around us all the time. Every electronic processing and application and social software is producing it. Systems, sensors, and mobile phones are its transmission tools and include data from various sources that have a high volume, variety, and production rate. Due to the high volume and high growth rate, along with the variety of information, it should be stored, processed and analyzed with different technology and infrastructure.

Comparison with data warehouse

Comparing big data (big data) with data warehousing is an apples to oranges comparison, which means that it is a philosophically reasonable comparison because both pursue information storage and processing and information analysis. But in the huge amount of information (from several tens of billions of records and above), the cost and method of storage in the data warehouse is very expensive, besides, the design and storage model of the data warehouse is defined based on information marts, which is similar to the model of storage of information in big data. (big data) is different. In fact, the data warehouse has its own functions, but the topic of data warehouse transfer on big data architecture (big data) is one of the important topics in the data field, which is worthy of consideration.

Architecture and Framework

The important thing is that the term big data (big data) does not necessarily mean a large amount of information and is also addressed to technologies and even organizations that have tools, techniques and facilities for storing and retrieving large amounts of information. The primary and basic architecture of big data (big data) is called Hadoop, which is an architecture of distributed files that is open source and developed by various companies, including Google and Facebook, and is exploited in the form of proprietary versions and tools. In the last 10 years and after the presentation of this architecture, this architecture has been developed both in the fields of open source and in the form of companies that have commercialized it, and various tools and methods have been created on it.

big data analysis

When it comes to big data, we also face the form of business analysis on big data, because standard tools are not designed to search and analyze big data. To achieve meaningful and valuable analysis from huge data, we must be able to have proper processing and good analysis capability. The insights that can be extracted from big data equip everyone in the organization to make deeper decisions.

Application course and big data preparation

The trend of information analysis in the world is towards the establishment of big data infrastructures and considering the novelty of the concept and the diversity of different methods and concepts, Nezm Aran Consulting Engineers Company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of data warehouse and Business Intelligence, in more than 100 companies, banks, organizations, ministries and institutes, is ready to hold a big data application course for familiarization and preparation of organizations and companies.

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