Design and development of customer order systems

هوش کسب و کار,ابزارهای هوش کسب و کار,مقالات هوش کسب و کار,هوش کسب و کار چیست
The software products of this company are the result of several years of experience that economic enterprises, organizations and companies have benefited from. The result of identifying the up-to-date needs of customers based on market research and development of practical products for customers is the production and provision of software products for customers. The company’s software products have been available to customers by using modern software technologies with remarkable capabilities and observing the technical points and standards of software design, manufacturing and production.

Software security

The security of software packages has been examined independently of network security tools and they have been produced with the assumption of maximum possible security. The use of security technologies such as JAAS, Label Security and Access Control Lists increases the security factor of software systems to a very good level.

Software standards

  1. SQL92 standard for preparing queries
  2. W3C HTML 4.0 standard in pages used by users
  3. XML 1.0 standard is used in many parts of the software.
  4. UML standard is used to prepare software development documents.
  5. RUP standard version 2003 is used to manage software development.
  6. The communication standard between other software and company software is SOAP 1.1.

Product tools and technologies

1. Scrum, Agile methodology in analysis and design
2. SOA technology and architecture and multi-layer N_Tier) (in designing and building software systems)
3. Using .NET Framework in software architecture
4. Using ORACLE database (10g), MS SQL SERVER (2008-6.5)
5. Programming languages
5-2 • JAVA, Jbuilder, JSP
6 can be used in Sharepoint environment