Education Courses

هوش کسب و کار,ابزارهای هوش کسب و کار,مقالات هوش کسب و کار,هوش کسب و کار چیست
 As the world embraces the trend of information analysis through robust big data infrastructures, the concept’s novelty and diverse methodologies present unique challenges. With over a decade of experience in data warehousing and Business Intelligence, NazmAran Consulting Engineers Company has successfully assisted over 100 companies, banks, organizations, ministries, and institutes. We are proud to offer a specialized course on big data applications, tailored to familiarize and equip organizations and companies for harnessing the potential of this transformative technology.

2- Balanced Scorecard

Our comprehensive training course offers hands-on instruction on the implementation of the “Balanced Scorecard,” combining practical concepts with the aim of establishing and effectively monitoring it. The motivation behind this course stems from the absence of a comprehensive training package that covers the entire process, from the preparatory stage to the establishment and ongoing monitoring of a balanced scorecard in organizations and companies. If you’re seeking to empower your company’s management with a powerful balanced scorecard tool, this course serves as a practical guide, focusing on the practical aspects of establishing and implementing a balanced scorecard within your organization, without neglecting the theoretical foundations.

3-Unveiling the Secrets Behind Effective Implementation

Ever wondered about the hidden principles and procedures governing the design and implementation of management dashboards, which remain absent from university courses and specialized centers? Our comprehensive course unveils the fundamentals and principles of crafting a professional dashboard, covering everything from utilizing charts, signs, and symbols to create a visually appealing interface. Backed by reliable sources and incorporating experimental results and scientific principles, this course offers both theoretical knowledge and practical insights into implementing a successful dashboard.